Quotation & Pre-Costing

Xactidea ltd. also focuses on creating user-friendly interfaces for the existing clients and even for future clients. With our help, you can gain a firm foothold in building different business-related quotations & long term efficient pre costing solutions for business purposes. We are proudly covering these areas for our valiant clients & our consultative solutions will pave the way for a better goal oriented solution.

  • Define budgets for various materials based on target quantities for a particular style.

  • Multi-level/Multi Currency cost sheets with drill down (total cost, Markup % etc).

  • Build in processing costs as control point during execution.

  • Time & Action Calendar (TNA).

  • Customers (T&A Templates).

  • Automatic trigger T&A track on receipt of customer order.

  • Automatic escalation of Late & Critical activities.

  • Exception Management.