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XACTIDEA LTD. provides the most comprehensive apparel manufacturing ERP in the apparel industry includes Woven & Knitting Garments, Textile along with Footwear industry. Our integrated total solution is really unbelievable efficient to remove the industry’s inefficient points by IoT, AI implementation on TOP of ERP.

  • Real-time Data visualization – Graphical representation of data creates the difference on decision making platform
  • Remove pain areas – Our machine driven process automation removes lazy and hazy existing process of manufacturing industry.
  • Process engineering – Standardize current process by engineering through industrial automation.
  • Best Utilization of resource – Quantitative analysis of each process data ensure accountability of each human resource, data assets as well as machines.
  • Access from anywhere – Web based cloud enable ERP make the data accessible from anywhere-anytime
  • Management dashboard – Technology is now more than imagination; we believe our dashboard is MORE than your imagination. Just give us an opportunity to show you.

Mitigation of Challenges in Apparel Industry.

More population in the world needs more garments. Bangladesh, India, China, Vietnam are contributing a huge amount to the production of garments which increase their market share to the apparel industry. Future Challenges of Apparel Industry mitigate now with the blessings of technology.




  • Do you know a shoe made form 150 or more components or materials?

  • Do you know cost of Quality in shoe sector?

  • Do you know why shipments fail at schedule for delays?

  • Do you know a shoe is made by 100 to 750 pair in hands?

  • Do you know a shoe conversion time within 5 days?


Dekko Group has been singularly focused on delivering superior, consistent results using high-conviction portfolios, rigorous research and individual accountability.

Alfa is a lifestyle brand for all, offering top-notch footwear, attires, and accessories in a modest price range and stunning designs, to enhance lives beyond barriers.

Nur Group began in 1994, with the establishment of Nur Knitwear’s Limited. The company has expanded substantially with an increasing number of employees

We have developed accounting software for them & this software runs their entire accounting operation. We have also provided them training and after sales service

We have provided Fashion step our accounts module, HRM, Procurement so far. We are developing merchandising, store and other modules. We are also providing them all the necessary training

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