Sales Management & CRM

Acquiring and retaining customers in the long-term, requires not only meeting their expectations, but exceeding them. Companies can only do this if they have a full overview of their customer relationships at all times and at every location. As a result, the demands made on sales support in ERP systems are high. With Xactidea ltd. you can manage your sales processes with ease, from pricing and bid creation to order processing and order controlling through to forecasting and early warning systems. You can reduce errors, identify trends at an early stage, plan dynamically and calculate accurately.

  • Purchase Requisition Management, which can track all your placed orders.

  • You can track your Purchase details report – invoice wise & purchase return processing.

  • Comfortable, swift and hassle-free Sales Order Automation.

  • Sales management including sales summary, full sales details, profit summary, monthly sales report.

  • Loyalty Management: an effective & efficient customer database to improve customer relationship.