Penetration Testing

XactIdea offers complete penetration testing designed to identify system vulnerabilities, validate existing security measures and provide a detailed remediation roadmap. Our team, equipped with the latest tools and industry-specific test scenarios, is ready to deliver a thorough checkup to pinpoint system vulnerabilities, as well as flaws in application, service and OS, loopholes in configurations, and potentially dangerous non-compliance with security policies.

XactIdea performs the following types of a penetration test

  • Network services test.

  • Web application security test.

  • Client-side security test.

  • Remote access security test.

  • Social engineering test.

  • Physical security test.

We apply 3 recognized penetration testing methods

  • Black Box testing (External testing).

  • White Box testing (Internal testing).

  • Grey Box testing (Combination of both above-mentioned types).