IdeaERP for Garments

The operation of a garments or apparel business in not an easy thing, it’s a complex procedure which involves different risk factor. Processes of a garments or apparel industry may include order, sourcing, production, quality control, warehouses management, delivery, accounting, administration, and so on – there’s a number of operational difficulties need to deal to keep the process functional. But these difficulties also have a solution that is, deploying ERP software in the industry.

XactIdea presents IdeaERP as an integrated solution to assist you to keep your business process flawlessly functional. We believe, our solution includes all modules to cover every functional business point.

  • Quotation, Costing, Budgeting

  • Sample Management

  • Merchandising Module

  • Planning Board

  • Commercial Module

  • Realization

  • Reconciliation

  • Procurement Module

  • Factory Inventory Management

  • General Inventory

  • Industrial Engineering (IE)

  • Production Module

  • Subcontract Management

  • Time & Action Calendar (TnA)

  • Finance & Accounts Module

  • HR Solution

  • User Control & System Setup

  • Reporting Module

  • Business Intelligence Tools