HRM & Payroll

The role of Human Resources has today evolved into a highly proactive and strategic one. The HR function has expanded to encompass recruitment, training, employee engagement, payroll and HR policies. Efficient HR and payroll software is critical to automate HR processes, from hire to retire. The Xactidea HR and Payroll Management Suite take care of training, compliance, recruitment, payroll, benefits, leave management, end of service, performance appraisal, promotion/transfer, and time and attendance. Xactidea HR and Payroll Suite is a future-proofed solution to help improve your employee productivity and organizational efficiency. XACTIDEA’s self-service portal is extremely easy to use and ensures speed when it comes to internal processes. The key element of Xactidea HRMS & Payroll Solution is that it can either be a part of the XACTIDEA ERP Solution tightly integrated with other modules, or as a robust stand-alone system.

  • Employee Management.

  • Employee Approval Register

  • Employee Entry &

  • Employee Register General.

  • Leave Management.

  • Leave Type.

  • Leave Application.

  • Leave Application Register.

  • Payroll Management:

  • Salary Penalty Setup.

  • Salary Grade &

  • Salary Policy.

  • Attendance Management.

  • Employee Attendance.

  • Daily Attendance Check.

  • Attendance Summary Register.